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  • Ideal for delicate products
  • High weighing accuracy system
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The weighing belt is the ideal dosing system for delicate products which can break under mechanical actions.
The Weighing belt is made by a motorized and a free roller, a roller carpet made of synthetic material, hoppers in stainless steel, support sides in aluminium and load cell.
The weighing belt can automatically totalize the quantity of the dosed product, indicating the instantaneous delivery rate and the frequency output.

ENSP 2 MICRO0,015-0,25 M3/HENSP 52-18 M3/H
ENSP 3 MICRO0,1 – 1 M3/HENSP 63-25 M3/H
ENSP 31-7 M3/HENSP 75-35 M3/H
ENSP 41,5- 15 M3/HENSP 87-50 M3/H

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